G9 Students Explore the Bavarian State Parliament

Last week, an exciting opportunity unfolded for the G9 German Language and Literature students as they embarked on a visit to the Bavarian State Parliament. This immersive experience offered them a personalized tour of the parliamentary building and the renowned Maximilianeum, providing valuable insights into the inner workings of democracy.

Accompanied by knowledgeable guides and engaging in discussions with members of parliament, our students gained a deeper understanding of the political process and the significance of civic engagement. Seated in the very seats of the MPs, our learners were able to grasp the gravity of the political process. They were introduced to the intricacies of parliamentary procedures, discovering that the true heart of political discourse often resides within topic-specific committees.

An exceptional aspect of this visit was the opportunity for our students to actively engage in discussions with two MPs from the Erlangen constituency. Eager to explore the pressing issues of our time, our learners posed insightful questions, delving into topics such as the integration of refugees.

As our G9 students bid farewell to the Bavarian State Parliament, they carry with them a wealth of knowledge and a renewed sense of civic responsibility.

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