G2 Visits the Kindermuseum Nürnberg

Our G2 learners recently visited the Kindermuseum in Nürnberg to enhance their understanding of rainforests. The students, currently studying the rainforest as part of their IPC unit, were treated to an inspiring presentation about this unique ecosystem. The trip included activities such as fruit tasting and hands-on experiences with rainforest insects, providing an authentic learning experience.

The highlight was a small rainforest exhibit where the students could touch lizards and learn about diverse plant life. Back in the classroom, the students are continuing their exploration of rainforests, focusing on the concept of form and delving deeper into the animals, plants, and inhabitants of these remarkable environments.

The field trip provided an immersive experience, igniting the students’ curiosity and nurturing their appreciation for the natural resources rainforests provide. Equipped with knowledge and inspiration, these young learners are on a path to becoming responsible stewards of our planet.

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