Exploring the River Püttlach: G9 Geography Trip

Nestled within this Franconian Switzerland region flows the charming River Püttlach, which recently became the focal point of an exciting geography trip for a group of FIS students. The river provided an authentic setting to delve into the realm of hydrology by collecting water and sediment samples, as well as conducting various measurements along the river’s course.

These samples were analyzed to assess the characteristics of the river by comparison to a model (Bradshaw model). Width, depth, discharge rates, and velocity were carefully recorded, deepening the student’s understanding of the river’s flow dynamics and geomorphological processes.

The geography trip to the River Püttlach was an educational journey that offered hands-on experience and insights into hydrology and environmental science. Through their exploration, the students developed a deeper understanding of the river’s health, historical context, and dynamics. The River Püttlach served as an ideal backdrop for their immersion into the world of geography and environmental studies.

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