FIS Students at Siemens Sustainability Conference


In December, the FIS sent two students to a sustainability conference hosted at Siemens.

More than 40 Siemens Supply Chain Management personnel were present, there were speakers from various environmental health and safety organizations, and other students from diverse disciplines were also invited.

We shared our thoughts on what big corporations must do to help tackle climate change. It was a young audience and with that came their open-mindedness to our ideas and suggestions. We presented our point of view to them and then they got to ask us questions, which led to a healthy debate. We discussed the impact that Fridays for Future is having on society, how profit is still the focus of any company and how relevant an individual’s initiative can be.

If given the chance, I would do it again because it gave me the chance to hear the thought trail of a company when discussing an urgent issue such as climate change.

Magdalena Vesselinov
Grade 9 student

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