EY5 Outdoor Learning


Every Monday we take a walk to the forest to do some learning outdoors.

This week we found something quite beautiful in the forest. Some students found a piece of wood with markings on it.

The students started investigating it closely and asking questions. “Where did these marks come from? Who made them? Why did they make them?” They then started coming up with different explanations from “Maybe the ground Gods did it? Maybe a man did it with a hard stone to give clues to where hidden treasure is? Maybe it is a map and we need to collect all of the logs with these marks on them and put them together? Maybe it was put on there to tell a story?”

We carried the log back to class and did some texture rubbings of our favorite marks and talked about what the marks could be. Are they letters? Spiders? Volcanoes? We will continue to research and find answers to our questions!

EY5A students

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