Exploring Transport: EY3 and EY4 on a Trip to the DB Museum Nürnberg

Transportation is essential for moving from one place to another. As part of their final unit of enquiry, the way and reasons why things move from one place to another, students visited the DB Museum Nürnberg to explore transports.

To align with the theme of public transport, our students traveled by bus and train, checking schedules and receiving pretend tickets. This exercise familiarized them with public transportation and its benefits.

One of the most engaging experiences was the KIBALA (Kinderbahnland, or children’s railway land), the children’s world within the museum. Enjoying interactive roleplays, our visitors learned about various types of locomotives, built train tracks and stepped into the shoes of train conductors, engineers, and station agents. They also enjoyed a rally and a real train simulator. This hands-on approach allows children to not only have fun but also gain a deeper understanding of the railway industry and the roles involved in operating and maintaining trains.

The educational value of the trip became clear when our students reflected on this immersive experience. It deepened the students’ knowledge and appreciation for transport and its significance in our lives and helped them develop a fundamental understanding of how trains work.

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