Battle of the Books Final!

Our annual Battle of the Books (BoB) program for G4 and G5 wrapped up last week with a final “Book Battle.”

BoB is designed to develop enthusiastic, engaged readers, and when G4 and G5 classes gathered last week in the Aula to cheer on the BoB teams representing their homerooms, the excitement level was off the chart!

Besides reading and quizzes, the G4 and G5 grade students have produced approximately 500 tasks related to the BoB 2.3 books. They range from LEGO recreations of cities described in the books to fortune cookie fortunes, outlining sequels, and many more.

The Library Staff is already planning for next year’s BoB 2.4! If you have any recommendations of books that you love or would like to see students read, please send a quick email to any member of the Library Team.

Congratulations to all of our G4 and G5 readers for their effort, creativity, enthusiasm, good sportsmanship, and teamwork throughout this year’s Battle of the Books.

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