CAS celebration


Tuesday, June 12, was the annual CAS celebration where our Grade 10 students became excellent role models for the Grade 8 and 9 students. Throughout the past two years, these students have actively engaged in a diverse range of experiences in order to develop their personal skills such as time management, organization and communication. This year, the Grade 8’s were introduced to CAS through the fair and the CAS learning objectives and what this means in practice. Grade 9’s interacted with the Grade 10’s to peer assess their work towards achieving CAS learning objectives and Learner Profile Characteristics. Throughout the day, Grade 10’s self assessed and begun the planning of there next CAS adventures alongside the Diploma Programme. There are some incredible ideas on the horizon for next year. Thanks to Mrs. Ang, Ms. Bay, Mr. Hartwright, Ms. Niemczyk, Mr. Rico, and Mrs. Thomas for their help with conducting the official Entry Interviews required for CAS in Grade 11 and 12.

Scott Simpson
CAS Coordinator

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