Alumni Reunions in London and Berlin


Most people have fond memories of their school days. Who wouldn’t want to attend a class reunion years later and see their former school friends again? At an international school this is not so easy, as most of them live scattered by the wind. Therefore, trips of staff members to London and Berlin offered the opportunity to meet alumni on-site.

On January 22 and 23, the first post-Covid Alumni Reunions took place. In London, a small alumni group gathered with our Head of School, Liam Browne, and Deputy Head, Petra Niemczyk. Even though they did not all know each other due to different cohorts, it felt like a family meeting.

Cedric Wiegel, Cohort 2013, summarizes: “It was highly fascinating to see the FIS community go beyond the school, after so many years. It was great and in particular interesting to meet friends and peers from my cohort but also from later years and to hear about their recent lives, successes and challenges. I hope that this becomes a tradition and perhaps even more: a network of individuals supporting one another!”

On Monday evening, eight alumni met with the teachers and students who were taking part in the Grade 12 Berlin Trip for mocktails at a rooftop bar in Alexanderplatz. It was great to catch up with recent graduates from 2022, as well as alumni from 2020, 2018, and 2011 who are studying and working in Berlin. Many Grade 12 students networked with the alumni and were very pleased to see Ms. Francis, their former Grade 4 teacher, and Ms. Lebitz, in her double role of former FIS Math teacher but also FIS alumna, who also joined the reunion.

Below are a few impressions from the Berlin reunion.

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