Additional Child Protection Training for Staff Members


Child protection has the purpose to protect children from violence, exploitation, abuse and neglect. Article 19 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child provides for the protection of children in and out of the home. Education and schools are part of child protection systems in most countries across the world. Therefore, as well as based on local law, child protection is a very crucial topic for all schools requiring up-to-date child protection policies and protocols that also abide by host country law. In order to enhance child protection protocols in international schools, the International Task Force on Child Protection developed a set of standards.

Based on these standards ECIS created a detailed and informative online training for teaching staff, support staff as well as the governing body, which has been piloted recently. During the PD half day last week Wednesday, FIS staff took part in this new online training. The training addresses definitions, key principles, basic legal information, as well as information on recruitment in regards to safeguarding and child protection, in-house training in schools, and student behaviors. Information on policies and procedures, the role of school management, reporting protocols, building and safeguarding, preventative curriculum, field trips, partnerships and the role of governance in child protection is provided in detail. The wealth of information is then supported through case studies and questions that address the previously provided information from the training components. Our Counselors supported staff members with their specialists´ knowledge and experience in order to address any questions during the online training.

FIS staff reflected on new learning, confirmed knowledge and had also an opportunity to ask questions after the online training sessions. The reflection sessions were facilitated by our Principals, the Counselors, the Student Support Coordinator and our Deputy Director.

This school year the current Child Protection Policy will be reviewed by a committee led by our Deputy Director in order to ensure our thorough child protection protocols are up-to-date.

Sabine Lang
Student Support Coordinator

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