A Poem on Zoom by Grade 3


Stories bind us and connect us. We continue to use storytelling to make sense of this time.

Last week while with some Grade 3 students, I recalled the events of a meeting with teachers, when I battled with technology and unfortunately technology won.

We talked about how recalling events, and telling personal stories can help us learn to accept challenges and embrace our mistakes.

The Grade 3 students decided to take my story and retell it through a poem. We hope you enjoy it!

Zoom Zoom!
I’m stuck in a breakout room,
I can’t get out,
Can you hear me shout?
What button should I press?
I don’t know it’s such a mess.
I jumped around each breakout room,
I’m so fed up of chatting on Zoom,
When I got home I said to my dog “you’re coming outside with me in the fog”,
At the end of the day I giggled inside,
As the only thing that was bruised was my pride. 

Patricia Appel
Elementary School Principal

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