Young Entrepreneurs in Grade 3


Over the past few weeks the students in Grade 3 have been learning about what it means to be young entrepreneurs. They have made many connections between the IPC Personal Learning Goals, such as being ‘Collaborators’, ‘Thinkers’, ‘Communicators’, and the qualities of what makes a good entrepreneur. This year, the students were given the task of creating products using mostly natural materials. The children formed companies based on the products that inspired them after researching different possible options and created business plans in order to apply for a small business loan from Mr. Heinrich.

Working through the Design Cycle, they created design sketches and did market research to help develop their ideas. They used this feedback to create their prototypes and then surveyed students to determine reasonable prices for their products and how they might continue to improve their designs. During Outdoor Learning, Mrs. Sharpe worked with the students on learning important skills such as how to use different tools and tie knots, which helped them make and create their products. Mr. Lindblad also supported the students during this unit by offering to do a Zoom lesson on logos with the students in both 3A and 3B.

This week all of the children have been busily working to create the products that will be sold on Tuesday, December 21 at the ‘Grade 3 Christmas Craft Market’. Parents and students have been invited to come visit the market to do some holiday shopping. From spinning wood tops to pine cone elves, there are products being offered for all ages and budgets. After the market, students will pay back their loans and cover their expenses, before deciding how the profits will be put toward meeting the needs of others in our community.

Thank you in advance for supporting our young entrepreneurs!

Grade 3 Students and Teachers

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