Ways to Help Reduce Inequality in Erlangen

As we know inequality is a huge problem around the world, and to every global problem, there are local solutions. The Global Goals Ambassadors at the FIS want to raise awareness about these local actions that you can take to mark the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty on October 17, 2020. Use the following social media hashtags to raise awareness of your actions #EndPoverty #GlobalGoals #peopleoftheFIS and tag @franconianinternational_school on Instagram.

Erlangen Tafel

A charity lane, that has a center in Erlangen helping people who don’t have access to food to provide for themselves or their families. This organization accepts donations from individuals and businesses as well which could be food or funds. Companies like Aledo or Norma donate big amounts of money and food to this charity, but donations in smaller amounts are also appreciated.

Contact: https://tafel-erlangen.de/kontakt/

Caritas Erlangen

An international Christian non-profit organization with a center in Erlangen, their goal has a wide perspective, but they are focused on helping people in need financially too, donations are accepted in funds or used clothes which will be given for families in need, there are many volunteering opportunities too.

Contact: https://www.caritas-erlangen.de/index.php/de/

Diakonie Erlangen

This is a non-profit organization based in Erlangen with many facilities. One of them is helping children out buying school supplies, giving out vouchers, or having flyers on specific needs posted by people in need, for example, money for school trips. The great thing about this organization is that the results can be seen immediately since the organization provides a direct connection between the two parties.

Contact: https://www.diakonie-erlangen.de/ich-will-helfen/

Christmas in a Shoebox

This FIS Group has previously worked with Humedica e.V. in order to distribute resources to those in need. The charity is based in Kaufbeuren, Southern Bavaria. Look out for the updates in future newsletters to find out more about how you can support Christmas in a Shoebox.

Bence Balint
FIS Global Goals Ambassador

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