More victories for the FIS Dragons


GISST Varsity Girls Volleyball champions

An amazing experience for FIS Volleyball teams in Stuttgart and Dresden last week! After a couple of years, the FIS boys rejoined the GISST Varsity Volleyball tournament again to start with a win, play at a high level through the whole tournament and finish in 4th place, bringing the Sportsmanship Award home.

In Stuttgart, it was all about the FIS Blacks. Both girls team 1 and team 2 impressed with their technical level and team performance. The second team proudly finished in 7th place, whilst the first team could win the GISST Championship once again.

Congratulations to all volleyball players and coaches! And a big “thank you” to all parents who came to the venue to support our teams!

City Championship

Another great success for FIS Volleyball teams. Last Tuesday, the Junior Varsity Girls won the City Championship and will be playing soon at the regionals. The Junior Varsity Boys came 2nd in the same competition. Well done! 

The Volleyball City Championship for the “Jungen III” (students born 2003 to 2006) is taking place next Tuesday, December 12, from 13:45 to 16:15 at the Friedrich-Sponsel-Halle (Fahrstraße 18) in Erlangen.

The girls team “Mädchen III” has officially been awarded 1st place in Erlangen and is qualified for the next round of competition at the regional level.

GISST Cross Country records

We are happy to announce that the GISST Cross Country records on the BIS running course have been updated now. Both Melina Steiner and Scott Simons are officially new U14 GISST record holders! Congratulations!

End of the Fall Season and beginning of the Winter Season

This week with the last Badminton training sessions, the Fall GISST Season came to its end. Please note that there will be no Cross Country, Football, Badminton and Varsity Volleyball training until Spring 2018. The U14 and Varsity Swimming will continue until mid of January 2018.

On the other hand, just this week, the Winter Season has begun. As of next week, the regular U14 and Varsity Basketball training will take place. Additionally, the U14 Pre-season Volleyball as well as Fitness/Circuit Training will take place according to the GISST training schedule.

If you haven´t registered your child for the Winter and/or Spring Season yet, please do so as soon as possible via the Parent Portal.

Mila Fischer
Athletics Director

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