Upcoming GISST Friendly Fixtures


On Saturday, November 13, two Girls and one Boys Varsity Volleyball FIS teams will be participating in the Friendly at the International School of Ulm/Neu-Ulm.

A week later, on Saturday, November 20, our U14 (only Grade 7 and 8) and Varsity Swimmers are traveling to the Bavarian International School to compete.

Parents and students will be informed about the selection and all other travel details by email.

Unfortunately, no spectators will be permitted. Thank you for your understanding.

Good luck everyone!

End of the Fall Season 2021/2022

Please see below for particular ending days for each of Fall season sports:

  • Grade 2 to 5 Cross Country – October 27
  • U14 Cross Country – October 28
  • U14 Boys and Girls Football – November 10
  • Prep-season Varsity Boys and Girls Basketball – November 23
  • Varsity Boys and Girls Volleyball – November 25
  • Prep-season U14 Boys and Girls Basketball – November 25
  • Prep-season U14 Boys and Girls Volleyball – November 29
  • U14 and Varsity Badminton – December 1

Registration for Winter Season 2021/2022

The GISST Winter Season training schedule is just about to be finalized and will be published latest on Monday, November 8. Online registration for this upcoming season will open on Friday, November 12 2021 at 17:00 and close on Friday, November 26 at 9:00. To register your child to participate in the FIS Sports Program (GISST), please go to the FIS Parent Portal and click on the “Booking Activities” icon.

Admission to any training group will only be possible for those students registered beforehand.

Please note that for some sports (i.e. Basketball), this is a regular season and there are two training sessions per week offered. It is strongly recommended to attend both trainings, and you are kindly asked to register online for both days if possible.

At the same time, we offer some prep-season trainings that will take place only once a week.

You will receive an invoice at the end of the season for each sport category that you signed up for. Prices can be found on SchoolBase.

If you have any further questions about the GISST program, please get in touch by email .

Mila Fischer
Athletics Director

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