Time Flies with Owls


Grade 1H will be performing for the FIS community in the production Time Flies, which is part of a festival planned for June 29 that concludes our 20th anniversary celebrations.

This week, Grade 1H had the opportunity to connect their IPC unit Inquiring into how to Entertain with real song writers as they began to prepare for the big performance. Frances Pappas and Matthew King, professionals from Bridging Arts, worked with 1H students through the process of composing a song. Grade 1H began by listening to a song and brainstorming feelings, sound, and visualizations. Then, 1H took their brainstorm and wrote a poem about an owl. Finally, Grade 1H used cooperation and the expertise of Matthew to put their lyrics to music.

It was a fabulous learning experience and we cannot wait to explore entertainment further on our journey to the stage for the Time Flies performance!

Jessica Hertz
1H Homeroom Teacher

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