Sports Update from the PHE Department


Perhaps it is more important now than ever before for students (and adults) to find opportunities to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. While the pandemic has resulted in restrictions that create social challenges, there remains great potential for our students to move, work together and have fun.

With the recent requirements for the use of masks (Grades 5 to 12), the PHE department continues to review and modify the intensity of activities so that students can effectively moderate their breathing. PHE teachers are also provided ample break times for students, opportunities to individually go outside and get fresh air, as well as spend time reflecting on their breathing and comfort levels. While masks may be generally uncomfortable, we are all very appreciative that we can continue to learn and have fun in our excellent facilities.

While strictly following the provided health guidelines our FIS community continues to offer health-related physical opportunities.

But how?

  • All scheduled FIS Physical and Health Education classes continue in our sports halls.
  • Our After School Activity Program offers team and individual sports.
  • Our GISST training currently offers weekly training in volleyball, football, basketball, cross-country running, and dry-land swim training.
  • Students are being supported to engage in personal fitness programs outside of school.

Our FIS students continue to lead an active and healthy lifestyle!

Adrian Haug

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