Results: Kangaroo Mathematics Competition 2023

Mathematics is a subject that has long been associated with complexity and challenge. Many students shy away from it, fearing the daunting equations and intricate problem-solving. At the FIS, we celebrate our students’ love for math and promote inquiry-based approaches to empower them to push their boundaries. The 29th Kangaroo Mathematics Competition on March 16, 2023, attracted an impressive turnout of 827,704 students from 11,300 German schools this year, showing widespread enthusiasm for the subject. On an international scale, the competition engages over 4.5 million students from 90 countries in 2022.

Among our talented community, 58 students from Grades 3 to 5 embraced the challenge. With 24 tasks to solve within 75 minutes, they showcased their arithmetic, logical, and creative thinking skills. It is with great joy that we congratulate all the participants of the 2023 Kangaroo Mathematics Competition on their exceptional results.

In Grade 3, Yueran (3B) secured the First Prize, while Arohi (3C), Emir Kaan, and Yichen (both 3B) were awarded Third Prizes.

Grade 4 saw Eugene and Shankar (both 4A) share the Third Prize, alongside Siyuan (4A) who also earned a Third Prize. Sachint (4A) impressed with his points score.

In Grade 5, we congratulate Jonathan (5A), Graham (5C) and Maximilian (5C), for their excellent performance.

These results reflect the hard work and dedication our students put into their math education. A survey revealed that over 50 hours of preparation played a crucial role in their success. We commend our students’ growth mindset skills and their commitment. Congratulations to all the participants of the 2023 Kangaroo Mathematics Competition! We eagerly look forward to welcoming even more participants next year as we continue fostering a love for math.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to the Math Kangaroo volunteers, educators, and parents whose invaluable support made this competition a resounding success.

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