Priyankha Kamalakannan, Grade 7


“In Grade 1 I started working on a small writing project which ended up as a laminated sample in the school library. In Grade 2 I printed my next writing project and shared it with family and friends at my birthday party. This encouraged me to write the fantasy story “Liana in Wonderland.” I wanted to publish it, but two years later, I realized I could do much better and rewrote the story. Fantasia Adventures* was born. And as Amazon supports self-publishing, it was easy to make it available to the public. Around 32 books have already found their readers.

To become a writer, I believe you have to be a good reader first. I have loved reading since I was young. Reading creative, fiction, and fantasy stories have shaped my imagination which I use for my writing.

I also write poems. In particular, during the lockdown, it was a way to express myself. My latest poems are gathered in a book The Positive Poetry Closet. Poems are a shorter way of writing a story, but they are closer to reality than my creative imagination.

I am already working on my next mystery book. I always brainstorm about the context before I begin to write and let my imagination lead where the story goes. Although it is excellent to learn from academics and authors to gain more insight about different approaches to writing, I don’t think I will study Creative Writing at a university. Writing is my hobby and I want to let my imagination be the source of inspiration for my writing.”

* Lizzie Thomas stumbles upon the magical world of Fantasia and explores the new universe she has discovered. But when she finds out about an evil Queen plotting to destroy the wonderful Kingdom, Lizzie knows she must help. She joins forces with creatures from across Fantasia and embarks on a journey to free the entire Kingdom from its terrible future. Accompany Lizzie and her friends on their memorable adventure, uncovering the dark truth behind the past…

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