Outdoor Program excursion to Hirschbachtal


On Sunday, October 22, eight students from Grade 8 to 11 completed the Höhenglückssteig Via Ferrata Route in Hirschbachtal, part of the Hersbrucker Schweiz. A Via Ferrata (Klettersteig) is a method of traversing the side of a rock face using steel cables which are secured by bolts into the rock wall. Using a rock climbing harness and a Via Ferrata Set comprised of 2 carabiners attached to rock climbing slings, students were able to climb sideways across the limestone cliffs as directed by our guide from the Bamberg agency ProAlpin. Only one of the eight students had previously completed such a tour before and all boarded the bus at the end of the day with muscles aching, proud of what they had learned and accomplished.

The next Outdoor Program excursion will be an indoor bouldering session at Blockhelden in Dechsendorf on Saturday, November 25. All interested students in Grades 8 to 12 are welcome to participate. For more information, please contact Ms. Jasper or me. Come and join us!

Natasha Schorb
HS Science Teacher

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