“Oh, the FIS!”

What do we really look forward to at the FIS?

If we are somewhere in the world and have encounters which show that we are known far beyond our borders; when someone hears our name and there is instant recall, an instant connect; then we know that we are doing a lot of things right and have now reached a standard that is competitive and aspirational.

Before Christmas Break, our Career and Higher Education Advisor, Dr. Manja Leib, attended the annual Global Forum on International Admission and Guidance in Bilbao/Spain, organized by the Council of International Schools (CIS). The event is an annual global gathering of university admission and recruitment officers and school guidance counselors which offers unique opportunities to meet and exchange ideas about the admission processes, learn about current trends in international student recruitment and post-secondary admission, and network with over 800 admission and guidance colleagues from universities and international schools worldwide.

Of course, it is not easy to grab the attention of 800 participants, when everyone makes intensive efforts to establish good contacts, for example, to attract more university representatives for the school’s Higher Education Fair.

For Dr. Leib, it was tremendously fulfilling when various visitors stopped at the FIS stand on multiple occasions and went on to say, “Oh, the FIS – we’ve just accepted your student” or “Oh, the FIS – Ben is doing really well in our engineering program*. Will you have students apply this year, too?” They instantly recognized the FIS!

Needless to say, that makes us all enormously proud!

*Student name and course of study have been changed.

Bettina Wiegel
PR and Events Coordinator

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