MYP Mathematics in action


This week, the Grade 7 students hosted an MYP Mathematics Global Village Statistics Fair in the Aula on June 14. The teachers and the Middle School Librarian supported students as they researched global data and considered innovative ways to display statistical comparisons from one country of interest to the rest of the world. This activity offered students an opportunity to see how the MYP framework uses inquiry, Approaches to Learning, and Mathematics in a real world context. The students enjoyed the opportunity to talk with visitors at the fair and the authentic audience allowed them, with immediate feedback, to see clearly if they had succeeded in communicating their results effectively. Additionally, students were able to discuss the reason why they selected a country to study as well as the personal connections and interests they had with the data found.

It’s a fun way to do Math, the advice I would give to next year’s Grade 7’s is use your time wisely.

– Grade 7 student

We are very proud of Grade 7 students for their hard work.

Dr. Chandra McGowan
MYP Coordinator

Chloe Jo
Mathematics Teacher

Emma Burns
MS Librarian

Lorraine Kellum
ESL Teacher

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