MS Roots & Shoots Club Visit to the Retirement Home

On Friday, 19 May, the Roots & Shoots Club went to visit the residents of a local retirement home. The students sang three songs, one was in German and two were in English. After the residents had enjoyed our performance, we sat together and had wonderful conversations about their and our lives, families, likings, school and much more. At the end, they sang a German folk song for us. They were amazing!

Here are some of our impressions:

“They were very understanding that some of us didn’t speak German so well.”

“They were kind and they showed me what our lives will be at their age.”

“It was sad, when they told us that they can’t do many physical activities anymore.”

“It was a little overwhelming and uncomfortable. From what they told me, I don’t want to be in their shoes. From what I saw, it seemed as they are very lonely and I remember especially when they said: ‘It has been 2/3 years since we got visitors’ and that upset me a lot. I guess this experience just makes me become more self-aware of how I want my future to be and who to experience it with (finding out who the right people are and especially the environment).”

“It felt great being there with them and the fact that we can help people, when they feel lonely. It was really great to help people.”

“I found it very nice talking with them and giving a sense of happiness.”
Aryan Sharma

“Honestly, it made me very happy seeing them so happy and cheerful with one another. It made me feel like I accomplished an act of kindness and that makes me so happy.”

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