Learning Support


All children learn in different ways and at different rates. The Learning Support Department at the FIS aims to provide academic support to students with identified learning exceptionalities in order to successfully develop to their fullest academic potential.

“Learning is the ability for students to process information,” Viviana Gyori, our new Head of Learning Support offers an overview of what goes on behind the scenes. “So, we devise individualized educational plans according to the students’ needs, and we draft these based on a lot of data collection, observations, and teacher input,” she says. This plan is then presented to the student and parents, to set expectations, pace, and learning goals.

All students are supported by certified learning specialist teachers to work through these individualized education plans. The idea is to foster self-advocacy and ownership in students with mild learning difficulties. To achieve this, we constantly collaborate with students, teachers and parents to use effective strategies that work for our students.

Collectively as a department, the focus is on creating an environment in the classroom where every student feels supported in their curricular development.

Valuing diversity and differences is a key aspect of becoming a more internationally-minded and inclusive school, and the Learning Support function is a cornerstone of this effort.

If you would like to know more about Learning Support at the FIS, please reach out to .

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