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Have you Ever Played with Marbles?


Early Years (EY) 5 students have been using marbles and building obstacle courses to see the rules of gravity in action.

IPC (International Primary Curriculum) unit “Push and Pull” aims to educate our young learners about the role gravity plays in our daily lives.

Every move is a result of a force. You can ‘pull’ yourself up or you can ‘push’ yourself down.

Inquiring into these forces, the students are currently engaged in creating their versions of a ‘Marble Run’ – building an obstacle course using recycled material, toilet paper rolls, toys, and anything else that catches their fancy. Next, they guide their marbles through these courses to apply their newly gained knowledge of gravity.

“Students use the personal learning goals of resilience and adaptability as they have fun designing, creating and improving their marble mazes and runs,” says EY5 homeroom teacher Tara Allen.

Check out the video to catch them learning and creating!

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