Happy New Year

Head of School

A very warm welcome to the New Year, 2023. I hope you all had a wonderful winter break and a relaxing time with your family and friends. Whatever is lying ahead of you, may the new year be a healthy and a successful one with lots of wonderful moments shared.

As we start noticing the “slightly” longer days, there is a bit more of a spring in the step, watching the magic of the light coyly coming back to remind us that Mother Nature rules!

Whether it is light or dark in the mornings, I was reminded recently by a parent of the importance of safety around our school – and particularly in the bus stop zone at the front of the school. I am usually out most mornings and what I see are parents carefully and mindfully dropping off their children. But it can always be useful for a general reminder of our drop-off area rules so I thank you in advance for your careful reading of the following points and your constant thoughts about slow and safe driving in the morning when using these areas:

  • The speed limit outside school on Marie-Curie-Str. is 30 kmph.
  • We have between 60 and 80 cars and over 20 buses dropping students off in about a twenty-minute span before school so it is imperative that cars drive as far down to the end of the bus stop zone as possible before stopping for the children to get out.
  • If you need to park for a longer period of time, please use the car park.
  • It is also possible to drop students off near the climbing tower at Helene-Richter-Str.. From there students can easily walk across the supervised pedestrian crossing to the FIS.

And in keeping with the cycling theme of this week’s newsletter, I would also like to make special note of the importance of being safely attired while on a bicycle. Both the rider and the bicycle need to possess the correct gear. Not only should the cyclist wear reflective clothing and a helmet, but I’d also like to make a plea that bicyclists leave their ear phones “unplugged” while on their bicycles. The latest tunes or audiobooks may be compelling, but they can also distract the cyclist from hearing essential sounds of traffic that can keep them aware and safe.

Be seen and be safe over the coming months!

Thanks to everyone for their efforts in keeping our students as safe as possible and suggestions are welcome. Our students deserve our diligent efforts!

Liam Browne
Head of School

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