Making Remote Learning Fun – Thoughts from a Parent

COVID-19, Primary

Our daughter Luana joined the FIS Early Years Program in March 2019. She really likes the school, her friends and all the activities that are offered. The FIS provides an amazing opportunity, even for young kids to develop their personalities in an international environment. They have a varied timetable (Math, Language Arts, Sports, Outdoor Learning, German, Story time with the Director, Free Play).

The new year 2021 has already begun with a lockdown. While this offers a chance for us to spend more time with our children, it can also pose challenges in productivity and managing our various hats as parents.

Here are some of the things I am trying to do, and a few tips on optimizing remote learning for our children:

  • Go out every day; we have great outdoors here in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region. Explore a forest or park, get some fresh air and Vitamin D whenever the sun comes out.
  • Do some sports with your child. The PE teachers provide instructions for warm up and yoga sessions on the Elementary School learning App Seesaw. It´s a lot of fun for the kids and for us adults too. They really like it when you interact with them and when you as a parent give them your full attention.
  • Good time management is necessary and should be a daily routine. I go to work in the morning, while my husband takes care of our daughter and manages her online learning; in the afternoon we swap roles.
  • As lifelong learners it is never too late for us to learn something new, like a new language or music instrument. This can help you be a role model for your child and develop yourself further. I started to learn the piano during the winter break and am enjoying it thoroughly.
  • For younger kids it is especially difficult to understand the situation and why they are not allowed to go to school or play with their friends. Try to be positive and address their questions and concerns.
  • The FIS provides a wide range of remote learning activities, even for Early Years students. Encourage your child to participate to actively learn.

Lastly, support each other in your family and talk about your feelings, fears and desires. Communication is key.

We will all get through this, one lockdown or many. Just keep going!

Sandra Blankenbühler
FIS Account Assistant and Parent

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