Grades 8 and 9 Attend a Flamenco Concert


An important part of an international education curriculum is to help students gain exposure to a wide range of cultural practices. Students can develop unique perspectives that they can, then, apply to strengthen their subject knowledge.

Last week, our Grade 8 and 9 students went to a concert of Flamenco music at the Musiksaal in der Kongresshalle in Nürnberg. This was one of the many theater visits and musical concerts students across all grade levels participate in throughout the academic year.

FIS Music teacher Karin Lee, who led the Flamenco tour, says that such visits expose the students to new kinds of music they may not have ever seen or heard. It might inspire them to pursue certain kinds of music more deeply.

Leo Frenzel, Grade 9 student, reflects on this experience. “The culture of Flamenco music was interesting to see. I liked how the different sounds came together to accompany and compliment the dance moves. One sound by itself matching with a dancer is hard enough, but there was such a large group, so I thought it was impressive how they all worked together with the dancer,” he says.

Having mixed groups from different grades also helps build a sense of community. As Karin explains, the students can get to know each other and exchange viewpoints.

“It was nice to meet some of the other Music students and get to know them because they have similar passions to you,” Leo agrees. “It was a nice way of following or extending on Music class outside of school.”

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