Grade 2: Brainwave


In their recent ‘Brainwave’ IPC unit, Grade 2 has been learning about how we best learn. The students examine the key learning styles, necessary skills, and the various sources through which we absorb and understand information.

In an activity, students were to develop step-by-step instructions to locate items they hid around the school building. The key learning styles identified in the unit were visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and reading/writing.

The students were divided into four groups, each of which was required to put together instructions based on a learning style.

After several days of brainstorming, edits, and dry runs, Grade 2 invited staff volunteers to participate in their instructional experiments. The students would lead the volunteers to their goal (the hidden object) via a clear, precise set of instructions.

“The way the students went about the task reflects a strong growth mindset,” says Darryn Thomas, Grade 2 Homeroom teacher and Assistant Head of Primary (Grades 2 to 5). “Despite this being a challenging activity, the children weren’t afraid of making mistakes, and they seemed to have fun while at work.” 

Mr. Thomas also draws a link to the FIS’s guiding principle of High-Quality-Learning, as this activity directly demonstrates authenticity, creativity, and critical thinking.

Hana, Grade 2 student who was in the auditory learning group, says she had the best time recording the instructions with her team. “That, and the excitement of seeing the volunteers follow instructions and finally discover the hidden object successfully,” she adds.

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