Grade 12 in Berlin


The graduating Class of 2020 spent some action-filled, intense days in the buzzing German capital, this week.

Prior to the trip, the students had the choice of different thematic strands: “Third Reich”, “Cold War”, “Arts” or a mixed “Discover Berlin” program. The sites and museums were carefully chosen to match these strands and no group visited the same site.

The itinerary included guided tours in the Jewish Museum, the Olympiastadion, the Stasi Prison, escape tunnels, a nuclear fallout shelter, as well as several museums with the focus on either history and the fine arts.

A mandatory walking tour for each group focused on Mitte, as well as on the Berlin Wall. Additionally, all groups went up to the dome of the Reichstag. So, there was always plenty to talk about, when friends met up in the evening.

On Sunday evening, the students had the option to decide between the Opera, a symphonic concert and two plays. Berlin, as a cultural hub, once again proved itself worthy with excellent performances.

The very diverse and complex program enabled the young adults to make choices and to take responsibility, not only for thematic focus. Overall, it was a fulfilling trip for the students as well as the chaperones.

Stephanie Steinberg
HoD German First Language

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