Grade 11 Winter Sports Trip: Impressions


This whole week, Grade 11 have been enjoying the Winter Sports Trip in Speikboden. As they round up the trip, we asked the students about their impressions of the visit. Here they are:

A – Amazing
B – Balancing to not fall on your butt
C – Cool
D – Deep Snow
E – Envigorating
F – Fun
G – Golden
H – Happy
I – Interesting
J – Jammin`
K – Killer
L – Let`s face the pain (“of our shinbones”)
M – Magic
N – Nice
O – Overwhelming
P – Philipp (Snowboard Instructor:))
Q – Queer
R – Rad
S – Slay, Snowboarding, Snowball Fights
T – Torture 😉
U – UV
V – Volting
Y – Yolo
Z – Zesty

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