Grade 1 Explores Food


Grade 1’s are exploring how to answer questions using the inquiry cycle as well as healthy food. So far the Grade 1 students have realized they need to first ask a question and then they can answer their questions by reading, safely searching on the internet, and by asking an expert. Today, the Grade 1 students found one more way to answer their questions, through making observations! What kind of food is it?

Once the students had discovered if their hypothesis was correct by cutting into their food, they cut up their food in order to make a vegetable soup during Outdoor Learning.

During the boiling of the soup, the students realized that now they had more questions that we could explore and answer through observations: “Will the vegetables burn like the toast?”, “Will the vegetables turn color?”, “How can we make the soup not so hot?”

The inquiry cycle never ends. And Grade 1’s just keep learning through their lovely curiosity!

Jessica Hertz
Grade 1 Teacher

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