G2 Unit of Inquiry ‘Aesthetics’


In an exciting new unit of inquiry, G2 students are embarking on a journey into the world of aesthetics. To get their explorations started, many different “themes” were on display in the Aula. These included architectural gems like the Eiffel Tower, colorful dresses, books about van Gogh, items of jewelry, photographs, and many others.

Students were encouraged to select their favorite item and share their reasons for their choice. This interactive experience encouraged reflection and started a process of examining what makes something truly beautiful, whether on the surface or deep within.

Dishita (G2B) selected a dried rose as her most beautiful item: “It is strong and fantastic. It has dried, but you can see that the leaves and the petals are still strong and hold the flower together. They don’t break easily.

As they journey through this unit, our curious G2 minds are bound to discover beauty in the most unexpected places, leaving us all inspired by their newfound perspectives.

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