G11/12 International College Day Munich


Secondary school students in their eleventh and twelfth grades often find themselves grappling with a pivotal decision that shapes their academic futures: selecting the right higher education institution to apply to. This decision-making process can be both daunting and exhilarating, but fortunately, guidance and support are readily available at the FIS.

Thanks to our comprehensive Career and Higher Education Program, our students are well-equipped for this important journey. Last week, they attended the International College Day event held in Munich. This event served as a valuable resource for them, offering an opportunity to navigate through the maze of possibilities and make informed choices.

During their visit to the International College Day, our students addressed their pressing questions and concerns. They had the privilege of engaging with representatives from a diverse array of international colleges and universities to gain an understanding of the various programs and offerings available to them.

Maija (G12) attended the International College Day with the expectation that it would be primarily business-related: “As I walked in, I was looking forward to gaining insights and engaging in discussions about the overall college experience. I found a lot of value in the trip in this regard. For example, the fundamental differences between the nature of classes and subject choices in international colleges. Additionally, the revelation that each course offered a variety of sub-courses was eye-opening and served as crucial information for us prospective students.

I was impressed by how passionately the representatives spoke about their respective institutions. Their enthusiasm gave me optimism, highlighting how the college environment can significantly impact not only one’s area of study but also the overall learning experience.

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