2023 Manfred Langer Award: Faustine Telega Binder and Maija Tirronen


In the heart of our school community, two stars emerged in the last academic year, capturing the essence of kindness and selflessness. They were recognized with the prestigious Primary and Secondary Manfred Langer Award, and their stories serve as a testament to the power of empathy and compassion. Manfred Langer was our Hausmeister many years ago. With an amazing awareness, he would see things that needed to be done and just do it – without being asked. The Manfred Langer Award is presented to students who are especially helpful and caring, show a willingness to support classmates and teachers, and come to the assistance of others without being asked.

Described as always helpful and positive, the winner of the Manfred Langer Award in the Primary School exudes the spirit of caring and support. When faced with challenges, she steps in without hesitation to clear the air and find a way forward. Her bright and bubbly personality, combined with her approachable nature, has made her a beloved figure among peers and teachers alike. But what truly sets her apart is her unwavering kindness. She is described as responsible, respectful, and principled, embodying these qualities in her interactions with others. Our congratulations go to Faustine (now G6) who received the 2023 Manfred Langer Award in the Primary School.

Faustine emphasized the importance of kindness and being yourself: “I didn’t expect to receive the award at all. Being kind, helpful, and respectful is not something I need to think about, it’s natural to behave like this. It is something really major in life. My advice to others is that if you see a person that needs help, help them. Even if you don’t know how, try to. Make it a habit. Kindness is really important, everyone wants to be treated kindly, and you will always be rewarded in life.

The Secondary School Manfred Langer Award winner is regarded as incredibly conscientious. Always willing to help others, regardless of their familiarity, she embodies kindness and inclusivity. Her sense of humor and artistic talents are celebrated by peers and teachers alike. Her classmates commend her unwavering positivity and considerate nature. Her presence uplifts all situations, from the classroom to field trips, and her reliability and willingness to help are legendary. It is with great pleasure that we congratulate Maija (now G12) on receiving the 2023 Manfred Langer Award in the Secondary School.

Maija offered their insights on receiving the award: “It is a rare occurrence to receive formal recognition for the efforts I put into presenting myself and how I engage with others. The Manfred Langer Award is a way of knowing that I have indeed made strides in this area. It was a great notion that I may have succeeded in that, by other people’s views on me and other people’s standards, especially knowing it came from my peers and educators. I often find answers once I have tried to put myself in the other person’s perspective, and questioning myself: “What would they think, and how they feel”.

The journey of Faustine and Maija is a testament to the power of empathy and the beauty of a helping hand. As we applaud their outstanding contributions to our school, we also acknowledge that their actions remind us of the profound impact of a caring heart.

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