G12 Solo Performances


Last week, our Grade 12 students, who immersed themselves in the IB Theatre Course, took center stage to showcase their solo performances — an undoubtedly formidable feat. Three students presented their artistic endeavors in front of an attentive audience. Each of them had a unique approach to convey their message.

Julia explains: “We basically have to choose a theatre theorist and create a piece according to their theories. Our first step in this process was to choose and research the theatre theorist, then we developed a piece based on the elements of the theory and our personal interests. I think I speak for all of us when I say that our main issues revolved around making time to develop the piece considering our current workload as well as deciding on one idea. This is our final opportunity to create a play that was fully developed and acted by us, so there is a lot of pressure as we want to make it perfect. Our next steps are to reflect on the piece and write about it, after that, our Theatre HL course will be complete.

Angelina commented: “For my performance, I intended to represent a human experience through the use of physicality. Though I did not use a personal experience, a big section of my performance symbolized freedom. Within that section, I was able to let all emotions and stress I had go in general flow in the rhythm of the music. It was not only a freeing moment for the character I was portraying but for myself, the performer, as well.

The audience freely offered their feedback and thoughts to the students after their performances, who will now submit their reflections on their performance process.

As they step into the final act of their high school journey, we wish our G12 students every success, and may their passion for the arts continue to shine.

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