G11 Chemistry trip to EAM FAU Schülerlabor

Our Grade 11 IB Chemists participated in a very successful lab experience at FAU University Erlangen. The activity was organized by EAM (Engineering of Advanced Materials) and set up as a “Schülerlabor Chemie“. There were twenty experimental stations for both Chemical Nanotechnology and Renewable Energies.

Nanotechnology and Energy are topics that characterize our century. Nanotechnology opens up completely new worlds in the field of materials, some of which have already arrived in a variety of ways to consumers, and the success of Energy conversion is essentially dependent on the development of suitable chemical energy storage devices. Under the instruction and supervision of university students, our students had the opportunity to do handson experiments in these two areas for a whole morning. It was a very enjoyable and valuable experience for all the people involved and we thank FAU for the great opportunity!

Anjali Oset Sinha
HS Chemistry

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