Future Stage Concert Evening

The FIS Theater was bustling with excitement and anticipation on Thursday, April 27th, 2023. The “Future Stage” concert showcased the musical talents from numerous student performers, featuring a wide range of instruments including violin, recorder, flute, drums, and piano.

As the concert got underway, the performers took to the stage, each showcasing their own unique style and instrument. Savannah Piehler and Timi Wang’s violin performances are a highlight, displaying a level of virtuosity and technical proficiency that left the audience fascinated. The emotional depth and vocal range of Johanna Aiello and Liana Shabani’s singing also impressed, leaving the audience moved and captivated.

Anay Sudeep’s delicate and nuanced recorder playing showcased the beauty and subtlety of the instrument, while Saanika Sudeep and Mila Schraner’s flute performances are nothing short of captivating. The audience was drawn into the expressive and sensitive playing of these talented young musicians.

The energy level of the concert kept rising as Jonathan Lindblad, Lukas Li, and Chica Amemiya took to the stage with their dynamic and upbeat drum performances. Finally, the piano performances of Eril Ersoy, Sophie Knijn Gonzalez, Aliake Kambara, Thomas Flohr, Kushaan Mygapula, Jess Wilson, Hana Funada, Luis Hey, Idil Ersoy, Amber Johal, Philipp Hey, Krishna Eswara, Amelie Suralaga, and Benjamin Kraetschmer showcased a wide range of styles and techniques, leaving the audience in awe.

It’s important to acknowledge and thank the dedicated teachers of the FIS Instrumental Program who have worked tirelessly to support and guide these talented students. A heartfelt Thank You to Heike Yates for flute instruction, Paula Schaller for vocal coaching, Alex Drab for drum instruction, Christine Kulisch, Marina Palmer, Susanne Dobel, and Iris Hassel for piano instruction, and Sally Becker for violin instruction. Their commitment to their students and their craft undoubtedly contributed to the success of the “Future Stage” concert.

Overall, the “Future Stage” concert was a resounding success, showcasing the incredible musical talents of FIS students and leaving the audience thoroughly entertained and impressed. This concert was truly a celebration of music and the hard work and dedication of these young musicians and their teachers.

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