Friendlies in October


It is with great pleasure to look back at the last couple of weeks, and see 250 student athletes joining daily training sessions. In preparation for their final GISST tournaments, many FIS teams will participate in various friendly events during the upcoming month. Please see below for a full list of Friendlies.

Cross Country @BIS, October 7

The FIS U14 and Varsity Cross Country team accompanied by their coaches and Mr. Hyde are heading to the Bavarian International School next Saturday, October 7, for the friendly competition. We wish you successful races and good luck to all!

Varsity Volleyball @FIS, October 14

The first challenge of the year for our Varsity Volleyball teams, both Boys and Girls, is scheduled for Saturday, October 14th here at the FIS. All students participating in the GISST Varsity Volleyball program are welcome to join this event.

As always when we are hosting a sporting event, we need your help to provide refreshments for the players, coaches, staff and spectators during the event. Please consider donating your time and/or food products. To sign up follow this link. Food can be delivered to FIS reception on Friday, October 13, or to the refreshment stand on Saturday morning. Your help is greatly appreciated, THANK YOU!

Varsity Football @MIS, October 14

Two Boys and one Girls Varsity Football teams will represent the FIS at the first Friendly of this school year to be held on Saturday, October 14 at the Munich International School. This event – first in a row of hopefully many to come in the future – is to mark a “kick-off” of our new cooperation with the MIS located at the beautiful Starnberg Lake south of Munich.

Varsity Boys Football @ISU, October 21

The second competitive event for the Boys Varsity Football team will take place on Saturday, October 21 in Ulm at the International School Ulm/Neu-Ulm. We will only be able to take one team of 17 selected players. Parents and students will be informed accordingly.

Varsity Girls Volleyball @ISS, October 21

The “Blacks”, our Girls Varsity Volleyball Team A, will represent the FIS at the friendly tournament in Stuttgart on Saturday, October 21. The parents and players will be informed about the selection for this event in a timely manner.

U14 Football (mixed) @ AMHS Katterbach October 21

On the same day – Saturday, October 21 – the U14 mixed Football team is traveling to Katterbach (AMHS) for a friendly match. They will leave at 7:15 and should be back by 12:30. All players and parents will be informed accordingly. Mr. Hyde and myself as a chaperone will accompany the team.

Badminton / Varsity Girls Football @BIS, October 21

Last but not least, on Saturday, October 21, three FIS teams will be participating in the Friendly fixture at the Bavarian International School. The U14 and Varsity Badminton teams together with the Girls Varsity Football teams and their coaches will travel to Munich leaving FIS at 7:00 and should be back by 16:30. Once again, parents and players will be informed about the details shortly.

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