Message from the Head of School

As we joyfully celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Franconian International School (FIS), we recently threw a fantastic community BBQ on September 16th to honor our school’s remarkable journey. This event was more than just a trip down memory lane and a toast to our current achievements. It was a pivotal moment for us to look ahead, contemplating the ever-changing landscape of education, especially international education, in our fast-paced and unpredictable world.

The world of education is like a constant state of flux, influenced by innovations, technological leaps, and the ever-evolving needs of global citizens. International schools in Germany are navigating a unique set of challenges and opportunities, demanding us to be flexible, forward-thinking, and strategic in our approach.

In the spirit of adaptability and forward planning, the FIS will be hosting the Strategic Plan 2023 – 2028 Kickoff on October 19, 16:00 -19:00. The event will be a confluence of minds and visions, aimed at gathering strategic input to steer our school into the future, designed to collect strategic input to guide our school into the future. It will feature esteemed guest speakers who will shed light on the diverse challenges facing international schools in Germany, the role of innovation and technology in education, strategies for enhancing learning experiences, and more. Their insights are sure to spark thoughtful conversations, shaping our shared vision for FIS’s future. You as community members, no matter if students, staff, or parents, are cordially invited to join this event. Please RSVP to by October 15.

This get-together will be a melting pot of ideas, featuring enlightening discussions by distinguished guest speakers on various challenges and innovations in international education, the transformative role of technology, and strategies to optimize learning opportunities. These conversations aim to inspire deep reflections and dialogues, framing our unified vision for FIS’s future.

Our upcoming Strategic Plan will mirror our collective aspirations and commitment to raising the bar of excellence at FIS. It’s a testament to our determination to cultivate an environment where our core values of Caring, Curiosity, Respect, Integrity, and Belonging thrive, ensuring every student can unleash their full potential.

We urge every member of our diverse and lively community to be part of this crucial conversation, sharing their insights, experiences, and visions. Together, we’ll craft the roadmap for FIS’s future, ensuring its continued relevance and excellence in a world that’s constantly changing. It’s a demonstration of our dedication to ensuring every student gets the chance to fulfill their potential. Your contributions will be the foundation of our shared future, a future where FIS remains a guiding light for learning, innovation, and global citizenship.

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