FIS Students Explore Real-World Product Design and Development at Adidas

Recently, a small team of FIS students had the incredible opportunity to explore the workflow of real-world product design and development at Adidas. The team at Adidas was gracious enough to take the time to guide the students through the concept development phase of their product design process, allowing them to get a firsthand look at what it takes to bring a product to market.

The students were given the chance to rotate through three different stations, each with its own unique focus. At the first station, the students were asked to present their own favorite outfit and explain what they liked about it. At the second station, they looked at samples to pick out their favorites and give reasons why. Finally, at the third station, the students explored boards with concept designs and color swatches, providing feedback on those designs.

What the students enjoyed the most was being able to give their input into the designs. They felt empowered by the Adidas team, who listened carefully to their ideas and opinions. The students earned the respect of the Adidas team by thoughtfully considering and explaining their answers and reasons.

This event was not only a chance for our students to learn about real-world product design, but also to explore potential curricular ties going forward. FIS’s partnership with Adidas is a valuable opportunity for our students to gain practical understanding of the world and to develop the skills they need to succeed in their future careers.

We are grateful to Adidas for welcoming our students into their design process and for providing them with such a rich learning experience. We look forward to exploring further opportunities for collaboration and learning.

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