Drama and Music Students in London


Drama and Music students have had a fantastic variety of authentic learning experiences throughout the first term.

The Grade 10 Arts Trip to London afforded the Music students to be treated to an array of experiences ranging from the use of technology in composing, the history of Handel and Hendrix, and mesmerizing Gamelan music, among so much else! The Drama students’ jam-packed itinerary included plays in London’s famous West End, a workshop at the Royal Court Theatre and behind-the-scenes tours of the impressive National Theatre and the Globe. Our students were enthusiastic and engaged, acting as great ambassadors for the FIS and certainly were able to enjoy time in one of Europe’s cultural melting pots.

Following this, the Grade 11 and 12 IBDP (International Baccalaureate Diploma Progam) Theater Class, accompanied by Ms. Raine and Mr. Ringwald, had another wonderful opportunity by participating in the TAPS Conference in London. At the conference, they attended workshops by industry professionals and were able to network with other IBDP Drama students and teachers from all over the world. Students attended three different professional productions and worked through many elements of the demanding DP program. Though tiring, they left with a great amount of information and practical advice from the conference, which they can apply to their future theater work.

Nevann Hardwick
Head of Department Performing Arts

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