Climate Crisis

Student Voice

Have you ever wondered why Greta Thunberg makes a school strike for the climate every Friday?

She does it because the climate is getting worse and it might kill our future!

I wrote down some things that you can do so the climate does not get worse.

  • Do not use a car too often unless you really need it.
  • Try not to use too many plastic bottles because if you throw them in nature, they do not go away, and animals can eat them and die.
  • If you want to travel then think twice. Do you really need to travel for vacation or can you do some other fun stuff at home? If the answer is that you really have to travel then think about this. How can I get to my holiday destination by not polluting the air too much.
  • If you are not a vegetarian yet then try to eat vegetarian once a week.
  • We all can do something for the climate when we drive our bikes instead of cars and we use glass bottles instead of plastic ones.

We can save our future when we do things like these and do them every day. We must do this so we can save our future!

Here are the things that made me write this article:

  1. Every day, we use millions of barrels of oil and no one cares about how much our world is polluted already! Some people behave like there is more than just one Earth in the universe.
    Earth is not depending on us – but we are depending on Earth!
  2. The change will come whether people like it or not! We have to fight for our future and if we don’t fight for it then we will not have it. We can’t just take what we want from nature and think that it will survive for us – that is not true!
  3. Grown-ups think that we are going to save the world, but we can’t. We don’t have time to wait until we are grown-up so we can save the world.

Thanks for reading and taking care about our environment!

Ella Michalik
Grade 4 student

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