CAS says thank you!


Thank you very much to those who attended the CAS Christmas Market on Saturday. From my side, the learning experiences were successful for the High School students, particularly since this was the first CAS led market. Here is hoping for many more!

Each of the CAS groups learned some key points on planning, organizing and initiating a CAS experience, working collaboratively and a small taste of marketing/promotions with “customer” interactions thrown in for good measure. These help the students build up evidence for their CAS portfolios, some of which will be presented at the CAS Fair at the end of the second semester. Publicity People (in-house CAS group) designed the poster. Niklas Brunnert and Katharina Trappe were leading the Christmas group, with further promotion from the FUSS.

A particularly big “thank you” goes to the CAS groups or Service as Action supervisors who helped out the students on the day: Roohee Heyl, Erin Hopkins, Nicholas Kolentse, Elaine Smith and Adam Steinberg. Also, huge thanks to the PTO for their Advents Café and help with promoting the events along with Kelly Vandermeeren and Bettina Wiegel.

Last but by no means least, the sum raised from the CAS groups alone totaled over 1400 euros (not including the money raised by World Challenge/FIS Staff or the PTO!).

Thank you for all the parental support by attending these events.

Scott Simpson
CAS Coordinator

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