Business Consultation from Grade 11

Do you have your own business or work for an organization that could help our Grade 11 students? You could get some great feedback in return!

Grade 11 is embarking on their internal assessment projects that will constitute 25% of their final IB grade. For Higher Level Business Management, students are required to select a real business organization and a real issue or decision under investigation. They must design and undertake research that addresses the issue facing the business, or analyzes a decision that needs to be made by the company.

We are looking for some volunteers to offer their support. In return, the students would happily share their findings and recommendations with you. Who knows, you may have the next Steve Jobs or Indra Nooyi consulting for you!

Some examples of past research questions have been:

  • Should company “X” employ an expatriate or a local manager?
  • What source of finance should company “Z” use for renovations – share capital or loan capital?
  • Should company “Y” buy or lease another company car?
  • Should company “XYZ” open a new office in London?
  • Should Rio Metro refurbish or buy new carriages?
  • Should restaurant “XYZ” restaurant introduce a delivery service?

If you think you could help, please email me at for more details.

Michaela Day
11A Advisor

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