BOOKBRIDGE Auction of Promises 2018


In June 2017, the BOOKBRIDGE@the-fis team held an “Auction of Promises” to raise funds for a group of Mongolian students from the learning center in Arvaikheer to visit the FIS. It was very successful and we raised over 5000 EUR towards the cost of the trip. Eight students and two teachers spent two amazing weeks at the FIS in March this year and they left a lasting impression on everyone they met.

We are planning another student exchange in Spring 2020, and again we need to raise a lot of money to fund the trip for the Mongolian students and teachers.

Our auction this year will take place on Friday, December 7 and we are now collecting “promises” from parents, staff, High School students and the local community which we will then auction off on the night.

What are the “promises”? Well, they can take the form of a service (e.g. cooking lessons, making a pair of socks, homemade dinner for two, craft party for children), an item (e.g. piece of art, something signed by a celebrity), an event (e.g. tickets to a theme park, holiday accommodation, VIP tickets, golf day) or anything that someone else would be willing to buy! We need promises for all sizes of pockets!

If you would like to donate a promise to the Auction, please let us know by filling in this form and we will then get back to you. The deadline for submitting promises is November 15.

Please contact us at or call Elaine Smith in the High School Library at 09131 94039 1201 if you would like further information.

The BOOKBRIDGE@the-fis Team

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