Authors at the FIS


We all know that the FIS is thriving with wonderful and aspiring writers. It is an integral part of our curriculum at all grade levels. But did you know that we have a number of recent published and soon to be published authors?

Congratulations to Mrs. Deb Obermanns (Learning Support teacher) who had her writing published in The 50-Word Stories of 2021: Microfiction for the Lovers of Quick Reads.

Mr. Uncini Manganelli, husband of our Learning Assistant Mrs. Cinzia Uncini Manganelli, recently had this book, Three Friends, One Game published. It is a story of friendship and football. The profits of the book are donated to Common Goal to support the development of children through football in underserved communities.

Mr. Todd Denick (our MYP librarian) is also in the process of publishing his first novel, It Will Come: Alaskan Adventures Pale in Comparison to Surviving Sepsis in Europe, by LALO Publishing.

And a very special mention of our youngest author, Priyankha Kamalakannan in Grade 6, whose novel on the magical world of Fantasia has also been recently published and is available on Amazon.

Writing a book, like any other worthy endeavor, is a challenging, intimidating, and tiresome process. Congratulations to our FIS authors on their wonderful and timeless achievements.

Liam Browne
Head of School

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