Karni und Nickel Theater Visit

As part of their exploration of the “Entertainment” unit, the Grade 1 students had an exciting opportunity to enjoy some entertainment themselves. They attended a theater and puppet show called “Karni und Nickel” at the Salz und Pfeffer Theater in Nurnberg. The show centered around two rabbit friends who had a falling out, but worked together to outsmart a fox and reconcile their friendship. By witnessing this performance, the students gained a deeper understanding of the various elements that contribute to a successful show, such as lighting, music, facial expressions, and the presence of an audience.

In addition to this valuable experience, the students have also been studying narrative story writing in their ELA classes. After watching the play, they were able to recognize important story components like character, setting, problem, and solution. Overall, it was a fantastic way to wrap up the week before the Spring Holidays.

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