Siemens Girls’ Day 2018


Girls and technology: not compatible? Not at all! They fit together very well. More and more young women in Germany are highly qualified in technical occupations. Nevertheless, a great number still choose typically “female” training or degree programs. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the German Confederation of Trade Unions and the D21 initiative took action against this.

Girls’ Day was thus launched in 2001. The event has been a complete success! Since then, a total of more than 1.5 million girls have participated. Last year alone, more than 103,000 girls attended more than 9,000 events in order to get to know more about technical and scientific careers. Siemens is also part of this.

On Thursday, April 26, 2018, Siemens will be opening its training centers, workshops, offices and laboratories to young, tech-savvy girls and women. For one day, a glance can be thrown behind the scenes; the participants will learn about the daily work at Siemens and be able to make initial contacts. Girls in Grade 8 and up are invited to get a taste of more typically “male” professions in a day. (Hint: at some locations a minimum age of 14 is required). All over Germany, Siemens offers more than 1,000 training positions each year. Girls, don’t let yourselves be influenced by outdated views. Technology is also for women!

All events and online registration can be found from Monday January 29, 2018 at the Girls’ Day Radar. Confirmations will be made in the chronological order of registration (first come first serve). We’ll see you at Girls’ Day!

We also offer lots of opportunities for boys: e.g. Technology days or interns. At you will find various offers for pupils.

Your Siemens Professional Education and Diversity Team

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