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Comic Book Club

You’ve seen the animation movies but now you get to make your own! Your story can take place whenever or wherever you want.  It could be a magical candy land or even somewhere dark and scary.

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Contemporary Art Course

This contemporary art course will be focused on photography – we will work with found and appropriated pictures, learn how to photograph online without a camera and learn how to see letters everywhere creating a personal alphabet.

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Knitting Course

From hand knitting to using knitting needles, we will enjoy making colorful and playful projects you can take home.

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Come learn about printmaking! An art form that lets us multiply images and print on distinct surfaces.

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Graffiti Art

Lets learn about this exciting and colorful art we see throughout the streets.

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Jewelry Making

Handmade, unique and costume pieces will exceed even the expectation of the most virtuous critique. 

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Movie Club

The Movie Club will feature educational documentaries which will teach incredible lessons and give kids a glimpse into worlds they may not normally encounter.

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Audio Recording Club

Do you want to record a podcast? Do you want to record a song? Other ideas? No problem, this is the right club for you!

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Board Games Club

Board games bring us closer, promote cooperation, teamwork, and healthy competition. Come play with us at the board games club!

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